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To be a leader in the development of HR policies and programs that will encourage a healthy, productive workplace for all.
The HR Committee is comprised of Human Resource management professionals from AmCham Moldova member companies across all industry sectors. Within the HR Committee members share experience, knowledge and skills, and promote the professional development of each other. The HR Committee works to influence labor law and taxation in Moldova.

Want to take part in the Human Resources Committee? Contact committee Coordinator Elena Buzu at for more information.


to increase awareness of HR throughout the American Chamber of Commerce Membership;
to promote the professional development of members through exposure to new knowledge, skills and information resulting in the enrichment of the personnel function within Members at respective organizations;
and to collectively influence labor law and taxation in Moldova through lobbying and education.

About the Committee

The HR Committee is comprised of Human Resource management professionals from AmCham Moldova member companies across all industry sectors.

Committee members will work together to identify common HR related issues, and propose viable solutions in a collective effort to enhance employee satisfaction while working within various corporate guidelines.

HR management professionals in AmCham Moldova member companies in good standing will be eligible to receive information from the committee and participate in committee events, take active role in Committee's activity, etc..

Committee Objectives and Goals

Raising of professional standards within the HR community and the promotion of an active HR management
Facilitate regular exchange of information, and share best experience within the area of HR management
Development of closer ties of cooperation between HR experts in the business sectors and their counterparts in Government
Research and development of HR best practices and lobbying for their adoption
Networking within the HR community in order to enhance and facilitate understanding and cooperation
Provide seminars, trainings, conferences for HR management professionals


The Committee is open to individuals who have occupation relevant to the Committee’s stated mission and whose companies are members of AmCham. We kindly invite every interested member to join our efforts.


Committee as a part of AmCham

The Committee is a part of AmCham and therefore shares AmCham mission and its values.

In that spirit, no Committee member, including Co-Chairs, shall express personal views on behalf of the Committee and therefore AmCham, unless they represent an official and approved position by the Board of Directors.

No Committee member shall in the name of Committee or AmCham discuss issues that are not related to its mission. All activities of the Committee shall be done in direct coordination and communication with AmCham Committee Coordinator.