Short-time work scheme in labor relations (reduced activity regime) - regulated

  • 29.10.2021

The American Chamber of Commerce in Moldova welcomes the approval of amendments to the Labor Code regulating the reduced activity regime.

The new provisions give employers the right to establish the reduced activity regime for at least 25% of the number of employees within the enterprise for up to three consecutive months, but no more than five months per year.

Within the reduced activity regime, the employee's working time may be reduced by a maximum of 50%, the employee's work being remunerated proportionally with the time worked.

Employers may establish the reduced activity in the following cases: 

a) unilaterally, in case of a state of emergency, siege, war, or in case of a state of emergency in public health;

b) with the written consent of the employees concerned, in case of the unfavorable economic situation, difficulties in supplying raw materials or energy, transformation, restructuring, modernization of the enterprise, or in other exceptional circumstances, as established by the Government.

AmCham is delighted with the new regulations approved and the fruitful cooperation with the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection.



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