• 19.12.2018

Did you know that public speaking can be enjoyable and doesn’t have to be daunting? To find out how this can be so, the AmCham Young Professionals gathered for a workshop on public speaking on December 19, held in collaboration with Nadejda Mocanu and Chisinau Toastmasters. The Young professionals learnt key skills on how to warm up before giving a speech or presentation and some key “power-poses” to enable confidence, before having to give their own impromptu speech.

A few key tips and take-aways for public speaking:

- Always face your audience
- Don’t focus your attention on one or two people, but rather encompass the whole crowd
- Never apologize – it’s your speech!
- If you have space where you’re standing, use it!
- Don’t be afraid to change the structure of your speech to make it interesting
- Be open, and tell the audience stories that they can relate to