• 13.11.2018

AmCham kickstarted its’ November by hosting a business breakfast on Tuesday 13 with IMF Resident Representative in Moldova Volodymyr Tulin.

Following a warm introduction from AmCham President Veronica Malcoci, Volodymyr Tulin opened the breakfast by introducing the IMF’s role in Moldova under existing agreements.

Mr. Tulin commended the developments that have occurred in relation to the banking sector and noted that the recent adoption of the new law against money laundering will serve as a basis upon which further regulations and more importantly an anti-money laundering agency need to be developed. Mr. Tulin also shared insight on the short and long-term perspectives of the “tax package”. Regional developments in relation to the implementation of various international sanctions were also highlighted in the opening speech.

The floor was then opened to questions from members, whose concerns focused primarily on the state of the economy and on the current landscape of the non-bank financial sector.

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