The American Chamber of Commerce in Moldova (AmCham Moldova) is a non-governmental non-profit organization comprising 174 members from a diverse spectrum of businesses; from large foreign investors to small enterprises, that operate domestically and abroad.

Our Vision
To be the most valued advocacy force in Moldova, and a trusted dialogue partner for Moldovan policymakers, foreign & local investors, and Moldova’s development partners.

Our Mission
To promote the US, foreign, and local investments in Moldova and to work with the Moldovan government and business leaders to foster a more favorable business climate in Moldova

Our Values

We believe that openness breeds trust and forms an excellent basis for fruitful cooperation within our business community. We are continuously ensuring that our organization is upfront and visible in the actions it takes.

We develop relationships in order to achieve great results for all stakeholders we are working with.

Determination enables us to succeed. We set ambitious goals and do our best to accomplish them.

We are keen to make a positive difference for the business community by using our skills, expertise, knowledge, and relationships in a fairway.

We act fairly and openly, in compliance with both - the letter and spirit of the law. We have well-defined standards which should not be diminished.

Passion is at the heart of our organization. We strive vigorously and wholeheartedly toward the objectives, we’ve set.

AmCham Moldova’s activity encompasses four key areas that have been identified as crucial to AmCham realizing its mission. 


A key tenet of AmCham Moldova’s activity is Advocacy, which contributes to the enhancement of investor-friendly relations in Moldova. Through its’ Advocacy activities, AmCham Moldova:

- Maintains its leading position as a part of the driving force in the main Public-Private Dialogue Platforms such as the Economic Council under the PM; and the Consultative Council under the President of Parliament, amongst others;

- Positively influences decisions taken by Lawmakers that affect businesses, by providing well-reasoned and well-positioned advice (presented in the form of Position Papers;

- Produces the publication “Brand AmCham” regarding major constraints for doing business in Moldova every 3 years;

- Mobilizes and encourages member involvement in key business issues

Business Networking

Playing a crucial role in business development, business networking not only provides members with the opportunity to establish mutually beneficial relations between themselves but the opportunity to interact and collaborate with decision and policy-makers. AmCham facilitates this by:

- Offering events and programs which engage members and add value to their business activity;

- Connecting with Government Leaders, other Associations and Business Chambers, development partners, and diplomats

Knowledge Sharing

Knowledge Sharing is key for the enhancement of members’ productivity and provides the opportunity for information and expertise to be shared within and beyond the AmCham Community. AmCham supports this by:

- Providing platforms where knowledge and Best Practices can be shared;

- Supporting Members’ professional development

- Keeping members informed and up to date with the latest developments in legislation and the general business environment

Alternative Dispute Resolution Development

Having an alternative, independent and impartial platform for settling disputes that may arise in Trade Relations allows such disputes to be settled without the need for juridical involvement. AmCham will continue to build upon what has already been established through CACIC by:

- Supporting the establishment of the working Framework of the Court;

- Supporting capacity-building activities for Lawyers and potential Arbitrators.

- Promoting the use of Arbitration as an alternative method of dispute resolution to both AmCham Members and the wider Business Community