Committee Addresses the Government

Events, Meetings & Activities


About the Committee

The Committee is conceived as a place for manufacturing companies, but also transportation and logistics companies, as well as consulting and other companies involved in activities related to the manufacturing sector.

Committee members participate in Committee events and meetings; take an active role in Committee's activity, thus contributing to the enhancement of a business- and investment-friendly framework in Moldova, harmonized with the best international practices. 

Mission Statement

To share and identify common interests and to serve as a forum for national manufacturing and trade issues, as well as to act as a representative body and unified voice of the members of the Committee in dialogue with policy and decision-makers for the development of the manufacturing and trade sector. To serve as an educational forum for membership and to facilitate the exchange of information on important manufacturing and trade issues.

The Trade and Manufacturing Committee not only represents manufacturers in AmCham Moldova’s membership but promotes members' trade interests to the government, creating suggestions for and presenting views and opinions on existing Trade and Manufacturing legislation. The Committee maintains an active position and stance on the reform and improvement of regulations managing the Trade and Manufacturing sectors, with the aim of facilitating a favorable business climate in Moldova.

Want to take part in the Trade & Manufacturing Committee? Contact committee Coordinator Dorel Noroc at for more information.  

Committee Objectives

Enhance the exchange of information among committee members - the most important players in the market
To raise awareness of membership on different manufacturing and trade issues, as well as bring greater understanding of the Moldovan regulatory frameworks 
Establish an open and constructive dialogue with Moldovan policymakers to identify critical issues and show a proactive approach by bringing valuable recommendations to Moldovan manufacturing, trade and customs legislation, certification regulations, etc.
To foster a favorable business climate in Moldova by promoting reform and improvement of manufacturing and trade framework based on best international practices.

Plan of Activities

The committee will provide a platform for networking and exchange of best-practices
Establish constructive dialogue with relevant authorities and become a reliable partner to them
The committee will regularly review and comment on draft legislation and address the Government to raise awareness regarding the proposed or existing legislation framework with sometimes adverse effects on manufacturing and trade sector business
The committee will collaborate with the AmCham Board of Directors on AmCham‘s projects aimed to improve the manufacturing and trade climate.

The committee as a part of AmCham 

The Committee is a part of AmCham and therefore shares AmCham's mission and its values.

In that spirit, no Committee member, including Co-Chairs, shall express personal views on behalf of the Committee and therefore the AmCham, unless they represent an official and approved position by the Board of Directors.

No Committee member shall in the name of Committee or AmCham discuss issues that are not related to its mission. All activities of the Committee shall be done in direct coordination and communication with AmCham Committee Coordinator.