• Finding U.S. and European Partners

    As a part of our mission to foster a more favorable business climate in Moldova for foreign trade and investment. The American Chamber of Commerce in Moldova offers matchmaking services to assist members in finding U.S. and other foreign partners.

    We use our extensive network of international businesses and more than 126 AmChams worldwide, as well as our close relationship with the U.S. Embassy in Moldova and US Commercial Services in Romania and Ukraine to address businesses specific needs while searching for foreign partners and trade opportunities.

    - Providing contact information for potential partners
    - Provide information on market conditions and investment climate of specific sector and countries.
    - U.S. Visa Facilitation
    - Assist with logistics when visiting potential
    - Providing connections to other AmChams around the world
  • Entering the Moldovan Market

    American Chamber of Commerce strives to work jointly towards improving the climate for developing foreign investment and trade with Moldova by offering assistance to businesses that are interested in entering Moldova. Assisting with general consulting on the Moldovan market, connecting them with AmChams well developed network of Moldovan government and business leaders and providing customized services based on individual businesses needs.

    - Provide with the information on the country investment climate and business opportunities
    - Help to identify legal and regulatory issues
    - Making introductions to business and government leaders
    - Assisting with logistics on visits to Moldova
    - Setting up meeting with potential partners

            Depending on the complexity of the request, additional fees may apply.