Committee Addresses the Government

Events, Meetings & Activities

Mission statement

To share and identify common interests and to serve as a forum for national healthcare issues, as well as to act as a representative body and unified voice of innovative, multinational pharmaceutical companies in the dialogue with policy and decision-makers for the development of a non-discriminatory, transparent, and investment friendly market for pharmaceuticals, medical equipment and healthcare services in Moldova.
The Healthcare Committee works toward the development of a transparent, efficient and non-discriminatory market for pharmaceuticals, medical equipment and healthcare services in Moldova. The committee acts as a unified voice in promoting the interests and concerns of its members, offering input on Moldovan healthcare legislation, certification regulations, and taxation issues. The committee works to create a mechanism for dialogue with officials from the Ministry of Healthcare of the Republic of Moldova and other interested government agencies in the Healthcare Sector in order to influence healthcare reform.

Want to take part in the Healthcare Committee? Contact committee Coordinator Mila Malairau at for more information.


Fair competition- no anti-trust violations; no insider-trading;
Avoiding conflicts between corporate and private interests -  no corruption;
Cooperating with authorities while defending our rights;
Compliance with the law of nations and international law;
Fairness and respect - no discrimination;
Protection of intellectual property rights;
Occupational, plant and products safety;
Protection of the environment;
Commitment to research.

Purposes and Objectives

Promote ethical & transparent behavior of pharmaceutical market players in accordance with Global good practice manner.
Promote further drug safety surveillance for the continuous benefit of the patients.
Continuously monitor the development of the healthcare market.
Enhance the exchange of information among committee members - the most important players of the market.
Establish an open and constructive dialogue with Moldovan policy makers to identify critical issues and to bring valuable recommendations to Moldovan healthcare legislation, certification regulations, customs code, and IPR protections.

Plan of Activities

Closely collaborate with AmCham healthcare Committee, thus helping to improve healthcare reform and regulatory framework affecting health and pharmaceutical sector activity. 
Establish constructive dialogue with the Ministry of Healthcare, Medicine Agency, as well as become a reliable partner for these authorities. 
Review and comment draft legislation and address the Government to raise awareness regarding the proposed or existing legislation framework with sometimes adverse effect on pharmaceutical industry. 
Provide a platform for networking and exchange of best-practices. 

Committee Communication

Healthcare Committee will meet at AmCham, or on the premises of member companies on a rotating basis, for committee meetings, roundtable discussions on various issues that affect the industry. The Committee may also envisage inviting outside speakers, if appropriate.
Committee coordinator will regularly inform members on Committee activity and will also contribute to AmCham Weekly Bulletins, Annual reports, web site etc.

Committee as a part of AmCham 

The Committee is a part of AmCham and therefore shares AmCham mission and its values.
In that spirit, no Committee member, including Co-Chairs, shall express personal views on behalf of the Committee and therefore the AmCham, unless they represent an official and approved position by the Board of Directors.

No Committee member shall in the name of Committee or AmCham discuss issues that are not related to its mission. All activities of the Committee shall be done in direct coordination and communication with AmCham Committee Coordinator.