Through our ongoing efforts to increase the benefits to our members, we are always looking to expand our member discount program to include ever more discounts on products and services. We look within our member base, as well as to outside companies that would like to offer our members special discounts on their products and services. Not only is this a great way to support AmCham, but it is also a great way for any company to promote itself at relatively low costs. Each company that participates in the Member Discount Program will be featured on the AmCham website along with the product or service that they are offering discounts for. Additionally, participants will be free to choose exactly what discount they offer in this program.

We are happy to see many of our members already benefiting from this program. As for our new members and those of you who have not used this program in the past, we would like to invite your company to participate in the Member Discount Program. If you have not received one of our Member Discount Card please contact us and we will make arrangements to supply you with one.
For any additional questions, feel free to contact Elena Buzu, Program Coordinator, at 211 781.

Look for "This place offers a discount for AmCham members" sticker to take full advantage of the American Chamber of Commerce in Moldova "Member Discount Program".


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