Events, Meetings & Activities


To educate and bring the industry experts together in order to promote the ethics and compliance culture and profession in the local business community. 

Club Objective

- To raise awareness among the business community about the role of consistent compliance with laws, regulations, professional standards and ethical business behavior for strengthening the business environment.
-To discuss proactively with the public institutions on current and upcoming regulations and provide recommendations, where appropriate.
The Ethics & Compliance Club is designed to encourage fair and lawful business conduct among AmCham Members and the Moldovan business community. Increasing awareness of the Ethics & Compliance and a company’s obligations as a part of this is one of the key activities of the Club. The Club is also responsible for encouraging companies to make a positive impact through their activities on the business environment, consumers, employees, communities, and stakeholders. 
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About the Club

The Club provides a platform for E&C Professionals to share the best practices, on-the-ground implementation strategies, also the review and analysis of legal and regulatory developments of the sector. Club members are encouraged to be part of the events, and meetings, to take an active role in the Club's activity, undertake common projects.

Club Communication

Ethics & Compliance Club will meet on the premises of member companies on a rotating basis or at AmCham, for Club meetings, roundtable discussions on various issues related to compliance. The Club may also envisage inviting outside speakers, if appropriate.
The key directions of Club work are information exchange - increase the public awareness and business to business communication, best practice share - improve the performance of compliance policies and operations in/between the key stakeholders (government bodies, businesses) and implementation of common projects. 
Club coordinator will regularly inform Club members on its activity via AmCham communication channels. 

Club Coordinator

AmCham Club coordinator –  Victor Baciu, Policy Manager

Club as a part of AmCham 

The Club is a part of AmCham and therefore shares AmCham mission and its values.
In that spirit, no Club member shall express personal views on behalf of the Club and therefore AmCham, unless they represent an official and approved position by the Board of Directors.
No Club member shall in the name of Club or AmCham discuss issues that are not related to its mission. All activities of the Club shall be done in direct coordination and communication with AmCham Club Coordinator.