Young Professionals is yearlong a program created for successful young employees who have potential to become business leaders. The Program intends to support individual’s professional development through participation in workshops, training sessions, and lectures and includes additional benefits that enable participants to drive their career forward. Participants will also become part of the ‘Young Professionals Network’ and have the chance to build a cross business, cross-generational platform of contacts and links with senior managers.

The Young Professionals Network consists of group of pro-active and highly motivated individuals who have shown promising potential in their workplace. They are aged from 20-35 years old, establishing careers within member companies of the American Chamber of Commerce in Moldova.

Young Professionals sessions will take place once per month, delivered by top management personnel in companies in Moldova and successful business leaders, as well as trainers from abroad. The Young Professionals Program is awarded once per year to the most promising young talent.

Benefits of the Program

• Meeting top business leaders
• Learning and experiences from top decision-makers
• Building a personal & professional network
• Develop career skills
• Participate in active learning, collaboration & networking events
• Exposure to diverse business areas
• Discussion forum for topical issues

Participant Criteria

• Recognized as having the potential to become business leaders
• Can act as a role-model to others
• Possess ethical principles
• Driven to succeed in work
• Have persistence
• Have a desire to work on personal development
• Want to upgrade competences
• Aged 20-35 years
• Employee of an AmCham member company

Application Requirements

1. Nomination form (to be signed by a leader/manager of the AmCham member company)
2. CV
3. Statement of interest answering the following:

• Why are you interested in this project? (max.250 words)
• What was your greatest achievement? (max 250 words)
• What are your career goals? (max 250 words)
• List the major responsibilities within the company (max 250 words)

4. Participation fee: 100 USD ( to be paid by member company after the applicant is accepted)

Submit documentation to, entitled YPP