Prime Minister's Economic Council Activity Update

  • 11.10.2019

This week, at one of the Council's meetings has been presented and debated a draft regulation of the temporary agency work (so-called personnel leasing), a joint initiative of AmCham and CNPM.

The initiative of regulating in national labor legislation the outsourcing and personnel leasing was undertaken in the past by AmCham HR Committee due to the lack of national provisions on temporary agency work, brought to attention by member-companies.

These provisions are needed for enabling companies to better cope with fluctuations in the commercial and production processes by providing opportunities to benefit, on a temporary basis, from the services of personnel that has been previously selected and hired by a temporary-work agency.

A draft law amending the Labor Code with a view to regulate temporary agency work in a balanced and best practices compliant manner has been circulated last year among AmCham members, and after additional consultations with various stakeholders presented this week at the Council. The document is based on the provisions of Directive 2008/104/EC on temporary agency work and on the Romanian Labor Code.

More updates on this subject will be communicated to the HR Committee.

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