The Parliament voted in the final reading on amendments to the Law on waste

  • 28.12.2023

The Parliament of the Republic of Moldova voted in the final reading on amendments to the Law on waste.

The AmCham Moldova community actively participated in public consultations on the project, expressing concerns about some of the proposed changes and submitting proposals and comments to improve waste management.

According to the new amendments, a deposit system will be implemented throughout the Republic of Moldova by 25 January 2027. Under this system, the producer, distributor, trader, or consumer will need to pay a sum of money for the products placed on the market, as required by Article 541 paragraph (3) of the Law. This payment will ensure that the packaging related to the product is returned.

In this sense, the following collection targets for packaging waste for which the landfill system applies are required:

1. 55% glass, 60% plastic, 60% metal for the first calendar year of operation of the deposit system;

2. 65% glass, 70% plastic, 70% metal for the second calendar year of operation of the deposit system;

3. 75% glass, 80% plastic, 80% from the third calendar year of operation of the deposit system onwards.

Other news:

- the permitting procedure for waste management activities was revised, including issuing environmental permits against payment of a fee and establishing requirements for the organization of collective management of packaging waste for collective systems.

- new provisions regulating the marketing and brokering of waste treatment activities are included.

- the requirements for authorized facilities for waste collection, storage, recovery, and disposal are also regulated.

- the responsibilities of the parties involved in waste management (waste producers, waste management facility operators) are laid down in the event of termination of the waste management activity, etc.

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