The medicines law and subordinate acts have been adjusted - the market should grow, become more attractive and provide consumers with affordable medicines.

  • 08.06.2023

This should be achieved under the conditions of relaxation of the procedures related to the formation of prices of medicines, the permission of direct negotiation of prices with manufacturers, and the exclusion from the calculation of the lowest price of medicines in the reference states.

In Moldova, the policy of strict medicines price regulation in recent years has had the opposite effect, with the number of drugs whose price was registered decreasing from 6,871 (2013) to 3,359 (2020).

AmCham thanks the Parliament, the Government, and the Medicines and Medical Devices Agency for their cooperation.

The draft law amending the law on medicines can be consulted at the following link

The regulation on approval and registration of medicines producer prices can be consulted at the following link

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