For the first time, an E-Commerce and Digital Marketing Conference will be held in Chișinău

  • 25.05.2023

An E-Commerce and Digital Marketing Conference will be organized on June 22, 2023, for the first time in Chișinău, in partnership with GPeC Romania (e-Commerce Awards Gala). 

The event aims to increase awareness of the benefits of E-Commerce and provide entrepreneurs with information about the markets in Moldova and Romania, as well as the most valuable companies in the field, helpful resources, practical tips, service recommendations, and contacts.

The conference will gather approximately 250 participants, including six top international experts in marketing strategies, business growth, performance marketing, paid media, conversion rate optimization, and digital marketing.

An exhibition will be held simultaneously, and E-Commerce and Digital Marketing services providers will present their online businesses and can obtain commercial offers (Leads).

In the evening of the same day, a networking party will be organized to establish business relationships, socialize, and meet the Digital Market elite from Moldova and Romania.

The event is organized by AmCham Moldova and the Alliance of Small and Medium Enterprises of Moldova (AIM) in partnership with GPeC Romania (e-Commerce Awards Gala) and the Future Technologies Project in Moldova, funded by USAID, Sweden, and the United Kingdom, is powered by Fan Courier and has as the premium partner: maib.

For details: Elena Buzu, Deputy Director, AmCham Moldova, tel.: 068365777

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