Overview of the "Clubul Antreprenorilor Onești" Project

  • 18.05.2023

The "Clubul Antreprenorilor Onești" Project, initiated by AmCham, is dedicated to fostering an entrepreneurial spirit grounded in compliance, honesty, transparency, and mutual respect. Throughout the course of seven informative sessions, the members of the Club had the opportunity to expand their knowledge and understanding of various essential topics.

The project was inaugurated with an opening ceremony featuring Mila Malairau, the Executive Director of AmCham, Veronica Sirețeanu, the Minister of Finance, and Artiom Cochiu from FINedu. This launch aimed to set the tone for the project and highlight its core values.

In the second session, the focus was on Customs Compliance. The speakers, Viorel Plugari and Tatiana Șompol, explored crucial aspects such as customs regimes, customs payments, and the clearance of goods. This session provided valuable insights into navigating customs regulations effectively.

The third session centered around Internal & External Communication and Brand Awareness. Steluța Andrei, a Strategic & Crisis Communications Expert from Black Unicorn Agency, shared her expertise with the Club members. The session covered strategies for effective communication and building a strong brand presence.

For the fourth session, representatives from the State Inspectorate for Non-Food Products Supervision and Consumer Protection, Tatiana Frunza, and Mariana Verejan, engaged with the Club members. They shed light on the rights and obligations of economic agents concerning consumer protection, enabling the members to gain a deeper understanding of these crucial aspects.

The fifth session featured Corina Ajder, the State Secretary at the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection. She provided insights into the ministry's initiatives aimed at promoting legal and declared work, combating informality, and implementing mechanisms for stimulating salary increases. The importance of honesty and integrity within the workplace was emphasized during this session.

During the sixth session, Iuri Cicibaba, Managing Partner of TAXACO Group and Tax Committee Co-Chair at AmCham Moldova, enlightened the Club members about financial reporting and the significance of honesty and integrity throughout the reporting process. This session aimed to enhance the members' understanding of financial practices and their ethical implications.

The seventh and final session welcomed Victoria Belous, Deputy Director of the State Tax Service. The session emphasized tax compliance and the crucial role of integrity in maintaining transparent and trustworthy relationships with the State Tax Service. Belous stressed the significance of adhering to tax regulations as responsible business owners, highlighting how compliance contributes to the stability and development of the overall economy.

"Clubul Antreprenorilor Onești" Project aims to cultivate an entrepreneurial spirit based on principles of compliance, honesty, transparency, and mutual respect in the relationship with public authorities, customers, competitors, employees, investors, public entities, and entrepreneurs themselves.

*"Clubul Antreprenorului Onest" is a joint effort between the AmCham Moldova, the Center for International Private Enterprise- CIPE, FINedu, and the Ministerul Finantelor al Republicii Moldova.


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