Promoting energy from renewable sources has always been a long-term priority on the AmCham advocacy agenda.

  • 28.04.2023

The Ministry of Energy has finally released the long-awaited amendments to improve the national investment environment in the renewable energy field and launched a series of public consultations.

Among the actions elaborated by the Ministry are several measures proposed or supported by the association regarding:
- ensuring the predictability of support schemes for renewable energy
- streamlining and launching the tender procedure for offering the status of an eligible producer
- implementation of aggregator concept for eligible producers
- promoting the concept of "energy communities"
- regulation of guarantees of origin and the possibility of their trade under market conditions
- clarification of balancing responsibility for eligible producers and allocation of balancing costs
- discouraging the use of second-hand power plants

AmCham is looking forward to further debates on the Government platform. Please stay tuned and follow AmCham updates.

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