AmCham Thanksgiving Luncheon

  • 21.11.2022

Part of AmCham Moldova's mission, alongside advocacy and knowledge sharing, is to promote American culture and values.

Thanksgiving Day is one of the most awaited national holidays in the U.S. and one of the most beloved occasions for us at AmCham to express our gratitude to people whom we believe have contributed to the country's prosperity or development of business.
This year, we have started the Thanksgiving season with a luncheon featuring Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilița PM and Ambassador Kent D. Logsdon. Participants of the event were Minister of Economy Dumitru Alaiba, Advisor to Prime Minister Eugeniu Cozonac, numerous AmCham partners, members, and friends.
On behalf of the AmCham business community, AmCham President Carmina Vicol expressed her gratitude to the Prime Minister and the Cabinet for the efforts and determination to obtain the EU candidate country status for Moldova and for the continuous activity to foster a better investment climate.
It has also been underlined that further reforms are necessary. The government is expected to fully engage in developing stimulating and inclusive policies, securing institutional independence, transparency, and capacity, and delivering good-quality and adequate public services to ensure that the private sector can prosper, innovate, retain people, and hence stay resilient to the challenges.

Special gratitude to Vernon David for supporting the event.

Photos can be accessed here

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