AmCham has Concluded the Second Edition of the Digital Transformation and Financial Inclusion Conference #DTFINCON22

  • 23.05.2022

On May 19-20, Digital Transformation and Financial Inclusion Conference #DTFINCON22 took place.

The new reality dictated by the war in Ukraine raises the need to review current mechanisms and approaches to digital transformation and financial inclusion, including accelerating the development of slow-moving tools that have not yet begun their journey.

The conference was mainly designed to provide a platform for interaction between stakeholders in digital transformation, focusing on the needs of the business community and its perspective on ensuring a genuine and thorough change to better adapt to the new reality paradigm.

The main topics that were discussed are the following:

The discussion panels are the following:

  • Opening Panel: MOLDOVA’s DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION AND FINANCIAL INCLUSION IN A NEW REGIONAL PARADIGM, where the topic was discussed by the most relevant autorities’ representatives (Sergiu Gaibu, Minister of Economy, Government of the Republic of Moldova; Octavian Armașu, Governor of the National Bank of Moldova; Dumitru Alaiba, Chair of Budget, Economy and Finance Commission, Parliament of the Republic of Moldova and Iurie Țurcanu, Deputy Prime Minister on Digitalization)
  • Panel no.1: EFFECTS OF THE SANCTIONS AND THE WAR ON FINANCIAL INCLUSION. Following the pre-DTFINCON’22 event, it was elaborated on the effects of the sanctions on the Russian Federation and the war in Ukraine on a macro level, on businesses, and on consumers with a some of the brightest minds of our times connected to the subject: Vasile Tofan, Senior Partner at Horizon Capital; Alexandru Fala, Program Director ”Monetary sector and economic modeling,” Independent Think-Thank Expert Grup; Dumitru Slonovschi, Founder & General Director, Magenta Consulting; Vitalie Tataru, Founder & Managing Partner, AC Tech and Dumitru Vicol, CFA, emerging markets strategist.
  • Panel no.2: DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION AND COMPLIANCE, focused on cyber security solutions for payments, financial infrastructure, and digital currencies; AML rules in the financial sector - evaluation and perspectives; IT solutions for AML compliance: best practices in regions; e-KYC and remote onboarding: solving step 1 of digital transformation; and national challenges in implementing data protection regulations: the business perspective with a great team of international and local experts, such as Natalya Kangina, New Payment Platforms Director, Mastercard in Ukraine and Moldova, EEMEA (Ukraine); Andrian Munteanu, Deputy Director at Office for Prevention and Fight Against Money Laundering; Ujwal Kumar, Director of Channel Sales, Signzy (Israel) and Diana Pascaru, Data Privacy, Ethics and Compliance Officer, Moldcell. The Panel was moderated by Elena Stovbun, Director of the Business Development Department at Fincombank.
  • Panel no.3: THE NEW REALITYe-COMMERCE, focused on e-Commerce challenges: perspectives from a local company; E-commerce and how it works with traditional banks; and on National e-comm agenda. New E-Commerce legislative package, and about digital life of a modern cardholder. Our team of experts is also impressive and with a deep practical touch (founder and CEO of Julia Alert brand, Eugenia Cosor, Head of Banking Cards and Digital Products Division, FinComBank, Vitalie Tarlev, digitalization expert at the Economic Council to the Prime Minister and Anzhela Kashperuk, Director, CIS-SEE Product-eComm, Solutions Management, Digital Solutions CIS/SEE, Visa Inc.), moderated by our special guest Marina Bzovii, Executive Director at ATIC.
  • Panel no.4: THE NEW REALITYBOOSTING FINANCIAL INCLUSION was about some important instruments and information, such as challenges in finance - is Moldova brave enough?; digitalization of governmental services: a privilege that becomes a need in the new era; the national strategy on Financial Literacy: the new way to tackle old challenges; and boosting PSPs ecosystem: the shortest route to financial inclusion. The contributions of our speakers (Tarmo Sild, CEO IuteCredit Group, Europe; Vadim Vintilă, Jurisconsult, e-Gov; Ina Scerbaniuc, Deputy Head of Communication and Financial Literacy Department, National Bank of Moldova; Iuri Cicibaba, TAXACO Group).

The event took place in a hybrid format: offline (at MEDIACOR) and online (First day RO ENG and Second Day RO ENG), (Day 1 and Day 2 – only in RO).

We are very thankful to our members who decided to jump into the partner role for this event, namely FINCOMBANK, Iute Credit, MasterCard, Moldcell, Visa and our knowledge partners – PwC Moldova.

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