Trade & Manufacturing Committee Updates

  • 20.12.2021

The end of the year is quite intense for the Trade & Manufacturing Committee Members.

AmCham continues to attend the working group on developing EPR mechanism for packaging waste. Within one of these sessions, AmCham proposed a new concept at the request of the Minister of Environment. AmCham participated in other activities related to implementing waste management legislation, such as those concerning the amendment of Law 209/2016; regulations on used tires; regulations on end-of-life vehicles.

AmCham Moldova submitted its commentaries to the GD 938/2018, following an Economic Council to the Prime Minister meeting regarding improving the Regulations on the State Border Crossing of Goods Subject to Control by the National Food Safety Agency.

The Committee continues to assist its members in facilitating cross-border trade by addressing a series of issues with the Customs Service and the Ministry of Economy. Currently, the Committee members provide comments on a series of amendments to the Law on internal trade.

If you have any questions regarding the Trade & Manufacturing Committee, please get in touch with Adrian Gheorghita,

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