Survey Results: "Employer Branding & Graduates Career Aspiration"

  • 29.03.2021

On March 29, the Survey "Employer Branding & Graduates Career Aspiration" Results were presented to the general public in a Live event. Iolanta Mura, Study researcher presented the main findings and conclusions of the Study.

Watch the live event here

Read the Study Report here

Follow the presentation in Romanian here

About the Survey:

Employer Branding & Graduates Career Aspiration Survey 2021, commissioned by the American Chamber of Commerce in Moldova, sought to uncover the Moldova graduating cohort’s career aspirations and aspects of work they find important when choosing their first job. This first-ever cross universities study in Moldova succeeded in mapping graduating students' broad vocational interests (career aspirations), desired job characteristics (work values), employer brand image, and innate human motivational and moral dimensions.

The study revealed that opportunities to grow and learn on the job are just as important as a good salary and benefits for them. While the survey, conducted during the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic, revealed insecurities in securing employment, the deeper analysis also revealed gender disparities and psychological strengths in Moldova’s youth. On a promising note, Moldova’s youth are generally motivated by challenges and are willing to work hard and take chances to succeed in life. Therefore, the aim of the study to understand the psychological profiles of graduating students of Moldova and to provide insights for employers and universities to develop future job and education propositions was successfully achieved.

This work is a collaboration between the American Chamber of Commerce in Moldova and researchers Iolanta Mura (Moldova Researcher) and Dr. Riyang Phang (Professor, Research Scientist). Two separate surveys sampling graduating students from various universities across Moldova were conducted between 17.12.2020 and 12.02.2021. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, all data collection was conducted online via survey platform Qualtrics. Representatives of the Biggest Moldovan universities have participated in the survey, and a social media campaign was run on Instagram and Facebook. Respondents of the first survey were given a chance to win one of forty 500 MDL vouchers from, while respondents of the second survey were given 100 MDL vouchers from for their time. For each completed survey, a donation of 10 MDL was made to fight Covid-19 in Moldova and resulted in a donation of technical equipment to Chisinau City Hall to support this brutal fight.

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