Sponsorship Opportunities within e-TRADECON Conference!

  • 22.12.2020

The e-TRADECON conference aims at gathering together both public sector and private sector specialists, as well as the international donor community to discuss the ways Government may support the trade facilitation, address the current challenges, as well as, to serve as a platform for promoting customs regulations compliance.

The e-TRADECON will take place online on March 25-26, being an excellent opportunity to display your services and/or products. The public recognition of corporate sponsorship and the prominent display of your company's logo during the event will enable your organization to brand and position itself within the business community gaining great visibility.


• Sponsor’s logo on all pre-event, event, and post-event promo materials, such as: 

-event's website (including registration page), event e-invitations;

-event intro & moderator background e-banner;

-event ads thanking sponsors;

-pre-event regular posts on AmCham social media channels: FB/LinkedIn/Instagram

• Sponsor’s logo on event e-banner in AmCham pre-event mail correspondence

• Sponsor’s logo/banner on event live stream;

• Short video ad designed by sponsor prompted before event start/during breaks.

Sponsorship Fee: 1000 USD

Please contact Adrian Gheorghiță for more details at adriangheorghita@amcham.md or 22 211 - 781.

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