AmCham Moldova is happy to launch the nation-wide study “MY FIRST JOB AFTER GRADUATION.”

  • 21.12.2020

This study will be of great help for the Moldovan labor market, as it will help understanding if students from Moldova have similar or different job & employer preferences compared to those in other countries, and what are exactly their job & employer preferences. The findings will also help the companies to shape the Employee Value Proposition based on the most valued, by the future employees, dimensions of the Employer Brand. And not the list, Moldovan Universities will understand the job search confidence of the graduates, job search and employer preferences, and career aspirations of their graduates.

We highly encourage all undergraduate and graduate students in their final year to take this survey and contribute to a better understanding of the employment market of Moldova. Also, as our country goes through a difficult time, fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, we decided to donate 10 Lei for each fully completed and validated questionnaire to help overcome this crisis. In this way, every student-participant will contribute directly to social responsibility causes.
To mention that this survey meets the highest ethical standards and all the information filled in this survey will be confidential, digitally encrypted, anonymous, and only available to the researchers directly involved in this study.

The Survey can be accessed here

We want to thank everyone in advance for help and involvement!
Stay safe and take the survey!

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