Trade & Manufacturing Committee Updates

  • 15.06.2020

The Committee Coordinator has been particularly involved in actively assisting public authorities on promoting amendments to certain normative acts. Thus, AmCham had assisted the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure on the development of the Regulatory Impact Assessment on certain amendments to the Law on waste management, specifically regarding the elimination of the prohibition of placing the waste from the inward processing regime to the import regime. Similarly, AmCham Moldova assisted the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development, and Environment on the elaboration of the Regulatory Impact Assessment on certain amendments aimed at streamlining the inspections, to the GD 938/2018 regarding Regulations on border inspection of foodstuff performed by ANSA.

The Committee was also engaged in reviewing the New Customs Code, submitted commentaries to certain amendments to the GD 1140/2005 regarding Regulations on customs destinations, as well as, requested for the development of implementing provisions for recent amendments to the Law on postal communications (criteria for establishing customs control zones).

Additionally, AmCham has actively participated in discussions with the Customs Service and the Economic Council to the Prime Minister regarding clarifications on certain aspects of recognition of hard copies and digital copies of certificates of origin EUR.1.

Stay tuned with the Trade & Manufacturing Committee to stay informed on legislative amendments as well as on the issues your peers are facing.

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