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  • MemberMAIB-Leasing
  • Type:Financial Institutions

MAIB-Leasing S.A. - One of the largest leasing companies in the Republic of Moldova. The unique shareholder is BC Moldova Agroindbank - one of the largest and stable banks of the Republic of Moldova. The company was founded in 2002 with the aim of developing successful European types of financial services - Leasing.

Maib-Leasing|s strategy has been initially focused on leadership in its segment, so the company is positioning itself as the most effective leasing institute.

Its assets are its reputation and employees. Its task is to establish a positive working environment based on integrity, teamwork and respect in which each is personally liable for what he does.
Maib-Leasing|s leadership comes from its ability to effectively manage ourselves and the provision of services to our clients. Our goal is rational and efficient execution of all that we undertake.

With Maib-Leasing, clients can quickly and easily complete a purchase in a lease for any amount or get quality advice on issues related to leasing.

In February 2011, MAIB-Leasing S.A. has received ISO9001: 2009 certificate.
  • Address:49/4 Tighina Street
  • City:Chisinau, MD-2001
  • Phone:+373 22 844 202
  • Fax:+373 22 500 538