• 31.10.2018

The Young Professionals 7th Edition kicked off with a bang on October 31, with the first session of the year with Orange Moldova CEO Julien Ducarroz. The theme of the session was “What great leaders do: skills and styles”, with the Young Professionals learning and discussing a range of related topics, including the technologisation of business, and how to encourage change not only in the workplace, but in oneself. AmCham would like to thank Julien Ducarroz and all those who attended!

Three giveaways from Julien Ducarroz:
- Never stop learning – be like a sponge, ready to absorb new knowledge - learning has become a life-long process
- To grow and develop, change your circumstances. Solutions don’t come from a place of comfort.
- A good leader is able to inspire change in their workforce, and realize this change with them

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