• 28.09.2018

Date: September 28

Time: 18:30

Venue: Zaxi, Radisson Blu Leogrand Hotel (77, M. Varlaam street)

Ticket: 100 euro (includes food & beverages for the dinner)

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In order to create a special atmosphere Hospice teamed up with the Japanese Embassy in the Republic of Moldova and with the famous Romanian TV presenter, model and Goodwill Ambassador Mihaela Radulescu which will result in a special theme Charity Sakura Dinner in benefit of the Hospices of Hope Moldova’s National Network of Palliative Care.

By joining the Charity Sakura Dinner you are directly contributing to the continuity of Hospices of Hope Moldova’s National Network of Palliative Care Services. Book your seat now by emailing us at info@hospicesofhope.md or by calling 060 744 068 or 022 022 119.  

Hospices of Hope has been working in Moldova since 2008 and has been developing palliative care projects through local organizations. One of our biggest and most ambitious project so far has been the National Network of Palliative Care Services that offers with its five multidisciplinary palliative care teams, free mobile services for children and adults suffering of incurable illnesses in five counties/raioane: Cahul, Taraclia, Orhei, Soroca and Ocnita.
Furthermore Hospices of Hope Moldova has been the main supplier of stoma bags and accessories for the Oncological Institute and for the country itself. We also managed to train over forty medical and non-medical practitioners involved in the project in order to ensure professional care for those in need.

Within a year since the launch of the network, with the help of our international development partners and local donors our project has managed to have over 500 cancer and non-cancer incurable patients into care in the raioane plus their families and over thousands of stoma bags beneficiaries throughout the country.