• 21.05.2024

May 21 |  12:30  | Live


As the 2024 EU elections approach, projections hint at potential shifts in the political landscape. With various scenarios in play, the repercussions could extend beyond EU borders, potentially affecting countries like the Republic of Moldova.

On the other side, for the Republic of Moldova, the EU elections carry significant implications. As a candidate country, Moldova's relationship with the EU could undergo new developments based on the election results.

Whether it's in trade, diplomacy, or regional cooperation, Moldova's path forward may be influenced by the post-election EU landscape.

Join us for a LIVE presentation and discussion with Doru Frantescu, CEO and Founder of EU Matrix to explore potential outcomes in areas, such as EU Integration & Extension, Competition legislation, Free Market regulation Trade, Pharmaceuticals, VAT harmonization, and more, and the likely impact on Moldovan regulatory landscape.  

*EU Matrix is an EU-focused research platform adapted to the digital age. It combines expert insight and digital technology to provide factual and objective information on how the EU political machinery works. The platform gathers publicly available information from various sources and structures and interprets it based on their experience to deliver unbiased assessments that both professionals and the public need to have in a functional democracy.